90 Day Letter Challenge

Whether you believe in the Law of Attraction, the power of Majick, or are simply looking for a way to Consciously Meta-Program (Bio-hack) your future, this is a great technique for setting up a mental map of where you are, where you’re going, and the route you’re taking to create your future self. The 90 Day Letter Challenge is an opportunity to relax and center and focus on the greatest investment in of your lifetime.

Get Started: Be as casual or caring as you dare – only you know yourself best. Grab a pen or pencil and some notebook paper, buy stationary, or make a card. Whatever you do, make certain in 90 Days you’re reading – and feeling – your words of accomplishment. Grab a cup of chai, turn on your favorite tunes and your favorite perch or whatever helps you get into that writing mood. You’re writing a letter to your dearest friend, you.  pen-and-paper-writing-9349790-2048-1536

Set Goals, Be Real, Be Visual: You may not win the lottery (you may not care to) but you might want to change your career/purpose. And while ninety days may seem like an eternity from today, anything is possible. Listen carefully to your heart, your dreams, and intend the best for yourself – and be detailed! The more detailed and visual you are in seeing your future self, your goals, and how you’re going to get from today to that tomorrow of the future, the better.

Put a Stamp On, and Mail It! Give yourself plenty of time to reach you in time. Ninety days from when you write your future self, know you’re going to be reading a rewarding letter to a new you.

Feel Accomplished: Some things may be achievable in a short period of time. Other goals may require turning the ship around. You may have written something like: “… I knew practicing Paying-it-Forward for someone at least once a week would pay of big…”and met a potential business partner, or a special someone. Or maybe, “…all that studying for your finals has really paid off…” and three months later making the Dean’s List.

How high you reach and achieve is up to you. However you succeed please feel free to come back and share, we’d like to congratulate you too!

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