Little Book BIG RESULTS! (2011)

Don’t let size fool you.  First Sentence:  “You need to realize that you’re significant, and that   you have great worth.”  Last Sentence:  “If we truly want lasting success in life, it will not be our talent alone that keeps us; it will be our great character that holds us in position.

Premise/Plot:  A collection of quotes and shared wisdom.  Drawing quotes and great inspiration from the likes of John C. Maxwell, Albert Einstein, W.E.B. Du Bois, Norman Vincent Peale, biblical and Arabian proverbs, author and motivational speaker Marquez Hughley interlaces his own profound wisdom and understanding into a powerful collection of words intended to provoke the mind.

Big and bold enough to be broken out into sections covering:

  1. Self-Image/Self-Worth
  2. A Successful Mind
  3. Spirituality/Family/Relationships
  4. Priorities/Time Management

this outstanding publication is not a quick read.  Forget the notes section Marquez considerately places at the bottom of each page.  Carry a pencil, a highlighter, a notebook, and leave yourself with plenty of time for contemplation.  You’ll need it. Each section is a collection of quotes, contemplations and powerful, thought-provoking inspirations; this BIG little book is a game-changer.

Note:  An interesting backstory on this book getting my attention.  I found myself one day on my regular commuter route at a stop I normally never stop at.  (Nor anyone else as I observe).  Sitting on the bench next to me was this book.  Not including Acknowledgments, Table of Contents, the Foreword or the couple of paragraphs “About” the author this little book – booklet – boasted a meager 82 pages comprising of one, two paragraphs at most plus a section at the bottom of each page for personal notes.

Picking the text up and setting it down at least three times, trying hard to take this slight publication seriously, I listened to that inner voice… the one that reminds me “there are no such things as coincidences“.    My bus arrived, I tucked the booklet in my sack and gave it little thought.

Fast-forward three months later; I am giving great thanks I listen to that inner wisdom!  Little Book BIG RESULTS! by Marquez Hughley without question will be remembers as one of the greatest book(let)s of all time.

If you happen to find a copy on a transit bench before you’ve had time to go out and purchase your own, no thanks necessary!

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